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These are some of the people that helped to make this site what it is today.

Hello I am the creator of baseball for youth.com and one of the "one on one video coaches"

First I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  My name is Josh Stickel and I played baseball from the age of 5 all the way to the age of 23.  I was picked to play on the varsity team in High School as a sophomore and my senior year I earned First Team All-League, just so you know I am being straight up with you you can see my name in the New York Times.  I mainly played the position of pitcher, but have also played every other position in the field except for catcher.  I was a constant .300 hitter and could occasionally hit the ball over the fence.  I love the game of baseball and I love to coach and teach kids the proper way to play.  Baseball is a great game for kids to play, it teaches self-confidence, team work, and above all else it is a lot of fun!  Since I no longer play baseball and I love to coach kids and teach them how to play I created Baseball For Youth.  What could be better than helping kids all over the United States learn how to play the game of baseball.  I have designed the instructional videos to work for begginers (ages 6 to 9) intermidiate players (ages 10 to 12) and players getting ready to play in High School or already playing their freshman or sophomore year (ages 13 to 16).  This site is designed to help all players improve their skill set and get ready to move on to the next level.  I believe the greatest assett on this site is the 1 on 1 video coaching.  With the 1 on 1 coaching I can concentrate on exactly what your youth baseball player needs to improve their game and send you back a video showing exactly what they need to do or what adjustments they need to make so that you and your kid will see immediate improvement.  I will discuss more about that on the next page.

This is another one of my coaches my Brother Jeff Stickel.

Just to let you know a little bit about my brother and his background.  My brother like me also started playing baseball at a very young age.  He went on to play baseball and football throughout high shool.  He got a scholorship for football so that is what he played in college.  He is a very good athlete and an excellant infielder and outfielder.  If he didn't get the scholorship for football he would have played baseball in college.  He has great baseball knoweledge and is a great addition to my coaching team.  He is very fluid in the infield and outfield and has excellant mechanics.  Not only does he know what he is doing on the baseball field, but he is also very good at teaching and coaching youth baseball players.  I am very excited he decided to join my baseball for youth coaching team because he will be awesome at helping your players become better and more comfortable in the infield and outfield.  His game is so good because he concentrates on the fundamentals and mechanics of the position.  I am positive that you will enjoy and learn from his coaching.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me anytime.  I am always open to hearing ideas about how to make this site better and how I can better help youth baseball players.

There are two ways you can contact me.  One way is by email and my email is:  Baseballforyouth@ymail.com  The other way to contact me is on the baseball for youth blog.  Either way that you chose to contact me I will always try to get back to you as soon as possible.  Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you enjoy it!