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The Baseball For Youth Contest!!!


This is the baseball for youth contest.  This is the FUN part of our site.  Here You get a chance to win a gift card to the best baseball for youth online equipment store!  To enter the contest all you need to do is send a live action shot of your kid playing in a baseball game along with a paragraph or two telling us what is going on in the play, Or a video showing your kid making a great play whether it is defensive or hitting.   Whoever sends in the best picture and story will win a gift card to the baseball for youth number one online equipment store and the person who sends in the best video will also win a gift card to the baseball for youth number one online equipment store!  If you would like to check out all the great stuff the store offers go to the baseball equipment link at the top of the page and click on the link to the store on that page.  Also, the winning picture and video will be posted on the baseball for youth website for all to see!

To enter the contest just follow these instructions and please read the rules at the bottom of the page.
1.  Record a video of your kid making a play in the field or in the batters box, or take a good action shot like the one above and write a paragraph or two about what you kid is doing or about to do.
2.  Send in the video, or picture with the story to baseballforyouthvidsnpics@yahoo.com  When you email your video or picture email it as an attachment and in the subject line of the email please write your full name, and tell us if you are sending us a picture or a video.  In the email itself please include your story for the picture along with how you would like us to contact you if you are the winner (email, phone, regular mail).
3.  The person with the best video and the person with the best picture and story every month will win a gift card to

Please follow the rules of the contest, if the rules are broken you will be permanently disqualified from entering the contest again.
1.  You can only enter the contest once per month.
2.  You can only enter the contest with either a picture and story, OR a video.  You cannot enter the contest with both.  Also, your video and picture may not be altered in anyway to make it appear better.
3.  The contest is limited to one entery per household.
4.  You can only submit one picture and story, or video per contest.
5.  There will be two winners of each contest, the person selected with the best picture and story, and the person selected with the best video.  Each person will recieve a $25 gift certificate to baseballsavings.com which will be issued to them through email.
6.  The winning video and picture/story will also be posted on Baseballforyouth.com until a new winner is chosen in the next contest.
7.  Failure to follow any of these rules will result in immediate forfeit of the contest and no entry will be granted in any other following contests.



Remember to put your full name and either picture or video in the subject line.  Let us know how you would want us to contact you if you win, and send your picture or video as an attachment.  That's it, Thank You and GOOD LUCK!

Here are some good examples of action shots that you could send in to win the contest, just be sure to include a story about whats going on in the pictures as well.  If you are entering the video part of the contest you do not need to include a written story to go with it.  The video will be enough to possibly win you the contest.